Roast Profiles


Coffees roasted to this colour generally have:
  • delicate fruity aroma
  • exquisite bouquet
  • pronounced nutty notes
  • natural sweetness


    Light to Medium

    At this roast colour, coffees begin to lose some natural brightness in favour of:
    • velvety flavour
    • superb aroma
    • some chocolate overtones
    • balanced taste



      Coffees roasted to this degree have more intensified caramelization of sugars, they are usually characterized by:
      • more pronounced bittersweet notes
      • pleasant pungency
      • some caramel notes


        Medium to Dark

        As the roast progresses the caramelization intensifies. Coffee roasted to this style has:
        • caramel & toffee taste
        • complex flavour
        • advanced pungency



          This is the darkest roast. At this stage the caramelization of the sugar peak. The general characteristics are:
          • superb bittersweet chocolate notes
          • very strong flavour
          • intense pungency


            Special Espresso Roast
            This special roast profile was selected to complement the natural taste characteristics of the coffee beans used in the recipes. The roast imparts the following taste:
            • silky finish
            • lasting chocolatey aftertaste
            • balanced taste
            • intoxicating aroma
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